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Why Choose Engineered Quartz for Your Kitchen Countertop?

June 9, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Countertops can set the tone for this important space, and since you use them for just about everything from cooking to entertaining, the stone surface you choose for them will be essential. For your countertops to withstand the test of time, you’ll want to select a look and functionality that will endure.

Fortunately, engineered quartz meets those criteria and more. You can’t go wrong with this popular stone that offers consistency and durability. Not to be confused with natural quartzite, engineered quartz is man-made from ground quartz, resin, and pigments. This manufactured stone slab will last in the busiest of kitchens and is easy to maintain and clean.

Discover Marble of the World’s vast offering of engineered quartz, guaranteed to make your kitchen dazzle and make everyday use a breeze.


Radianz engineered quartz offers a durable, high-gloss surface with a natural stone look. This engineered quartz offers the timeless beauty of vein patterns found in natural stone, adding a luxurious and elegant update to any interior space.

Why Choose Engineered Quartz for Your Kitchen Countertop?

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, Radianz is low-maintenance, thanks to being nonporous and chemical-resistant. It is scratch, heat, and impact-resistant, and, as an engineered product, it offers a great deal of color consistency throughout each slab.

Radianz quartz surfaces do not need to be sealed and can remain virtually bacteria-free for cooking and preparing food if cared for properly. It is easy to clean, requiring only mild detergent and water, and is available in both polished and matte finishes at Marble Of The World.

Pure Surfaces Quartz

Pure Surfaces engineered quartz slabs boast the look of natural marble, with each slab showcasing varying vein colors and patterns against a bright, white background. The veining is similar to dimensional, natural marble. The sharp veining and depth combined with the strength of quartz will make your countertop unique and beautiful.

Pure provides an exemplary aesthetic more than many other quartz materials. Superior minerals combined with high-purity quartz create beautiful designs while delivering over twice the flex strength and twice the impact strength of traditional quartz surfacing.

Discover Pure Surfaces at any of the Marble Of The World showrooms in a polished finish in over six colors.

Choosing your stone

No matter what stone you select for your countertops, you can find it at Marble Of The World. As an importer and distributor of the finest natural and engineered premium hard surfaces, we work with only the top quarries and manufacturers worldwide to bring you an unparalleled collection of slabs and tile. Marble Of The World is now part of The Stone Collection, with additional locations in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Utah.

Visit any of our Florida showrooms.

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