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What does it mean to book match stone slabs?

September 26, 2020

Book matching occurs when two or more natural or engineered stone slabs are mirrored to match the pattern, movement, and veining found in the material. When the slabs are placed end to end, the veining and movement continue from one slab into the other, creating a continuous flow or pattern.

Stones with strong movement and veining are best suited for book matching. Many varieties of natural stone, including marble, quartzite, granite, and travertine, to name a few, contain the right movement and characteristics for a book match.

Stone slabs can even be quad-matched, where four slabs in lieu of two are matched up in veining and movement to create an even more impactful statement. We often will help assist with stone slab viewings in our showrooms to help you see what a book match may look like with particular stones.

Above: Torrento Quartzite Quad-Match
Below: Pasha Marble Bookmatch