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Engineered using 100% natural minerals, Lapitec is the world’s only sintered stone certified by the European Commission. This nature-inspired material presents a non-porous surface, consistent ‘full-body’ throughout, is silica-free, and high-performing.


country flagItaly

Price Range

Level 4 and 5

Average Size

135" x 60"


1.2cm, 2cm


Lapitec Sintered Stone

The Stone Collection proudly adds Lapitec Sintered Stone to our curated hard-surface inventory. As an engineered product, Lapitec is an elite performer—it is stain, scratch, abrasion, acid and base, solvent, moisture, and extreme temperature resistant. Its non-porous surface is not hospitable to mold and bacteria and is easy to clean.

With Lapitec’s high-performing attributes comes significant versatility in indoor and outdoor applications – kitchen countertops and backsplashes, bathrooms, spa areas, swimming pools, wall cladding, flooring/paving, and even yachts. Find a fabricator to pair with your far-reaching design vision, and Lapitec will meet you there.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Lapitec is gorgeous! Available in numerous monochromatic and “natural stone” colors and a comprehensive range of finishes, we’re confident Lapitec can voice your design language. Contact your nearest showroom to inquire about local inventory or special orders.

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